Book Updates

Update 1 (15 October 2014)
A major forest fire on the 29th of June 2014 devastated 150 hectares of the nature reserve above Cómpeta.
Walks 2 and 4 go partially through this burnt area. The first green sprouts came up already after the first rainfall in October.
Don’t take the alternative, steeper footpath now (walk 4, page 28 bottom), as there are several barriers with tree trunks in the river bed.

Update 2 (27 October 2014)
Walk 12 Cómpeta to the beach (page 58, 3rd paragraph).
On my last walk the sign ‘Fobos Adsl internet’ had disappeared at the T-junction. However at the Y-junction 50 metres further a new house sign ‘Casa Eriksen’ had appeared. So be attentive there, look for the sign ‘Casa Eriksen’ and keep left there.