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Read what some of our guests have had to say about us, and see some of their pictures:

Dear Joost,

We’ve really enjoyed our hikes in Alpujarras and trekking Sierra Nevada, which took place under excellent weather conditions.

You were a good host and expert guide, with whom our couple of days have been very pleasant. For us it appeared hiking high in the mountains less tiring than the equally beautiful (rust) day in Alhambra and Granada.

Again, many thanks for your excellent guidance. Here some photos for your archive.

Yours sincerely, Herman and Heleen

Hello Joost,

We wanted to say thanks for the hospitality and fine walks. We’ve had a wonderful week. Spain has stolen our hearts, partly thanks to you! Who knows we see each other again.

Goodbye, Jan and Grace Schreurs

Dear Joost,

In my home PC, I had problems (with Internet) so I can only send you a quick message on the PC of my father.

On behalf of the whole group we thank you very warmly for the super week we have experienced trekking in the Sierra Nevada. The success of the trip had a lot to do with you personally, as organiser, as a guide but also so you are a great guy.

Each of us has greatly appreciated your pleasant and attentive presence. I will ask other friends to write something in the diary on your site. The pictures I have not seen but we send them. Best wishes also to Duncan and your wife.


Dear Joost,

I would like to send you very heartfelt thanks for your contribution to our great holiday. We have very much enjoyed the fantastic walks you developed. They were all great routes and the descriptions were also correct. The apartment was nice to stay in too!

Thanks again and perhaps until next time! Best regards,

Janny Knupp, Jennie at Farm

Hello Joost,

We had our sculptures as hand luggage and Ed had to open his bag at the customs. Well, the sculpture was almost sold! We asked Euro 1000 from the customs man and he thought this only a bit too much – but he thought it was wonderful!

Thanks again for the great sculpture lessons we got and your hospitality. We’ve really enjoyed.

Yours sincerely,

And Ed Reed

Dear Joost,

Later, perhaps even more beautiful pictures … in the name of the whole group Flemings: many greetings from Belgium!

Daniela Verwilt

Dear Joost and Moira Schepel,

It has been more than a week since Marielle and I enjoyed the sculpting course. I would like to thank both of you; Joost for the up and down ride with me during the mosaic course days and Moira for the fantastic support and commitment during the course.

I have been very much inspired by the course. I’ve already purchased some reading material and am looking for materials.

On Saturday 12 november we (Marielle, and I Joke) to Annette and Jan Kiewiet for a reunion, photos, movies etc will be viewed and exchanged. I will often think of the barbecue during Moira’s birthday. It was all great.

Again thanks and cordial greetings

Janny Ruyter and of course by Marielle Dusee

Sheltering Amongst The Stones
Admiring The View
Checking Directions
Up On High
Crossing The Stream
Taking A Break
The Local Wildlife
Mulhacen Closeup
Mulhacen Summit


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