4 Andalucian Landscapes: 14 day Trek

Walking trek: 4 Andalucian Landscapes .With full baggage transport, 14 days €489 per person.

Landscape Vieuw of Serrato

4 Landscapes View

Andalucia offers so many sights. This trek is suitable for every walker, wíth or without experience, and shows you the big variety of Andalucian landscapes. After this holiday you will come home born again.

Landscape 1 is the parque natural Tejeda y Almijara near Cómpeta, you will stay there 3 nights in Casa Hadriano and may make a choice out of 30 walks. Joost will happily take you one day on one of his nature walks into the mountains.

After 1 night in a Spanish hostal near the impressive cleft of Ventas de Zafarraya, you will stay the next 3 nights in Landscape 2, the so called southern Pyrenees, with Arend and Denise in their hospitable B & B El Aguila Libre.

4 Landscapes Mountain Casa

Also here an abundance of beautiful walks. Landscape 3 is the manor Finca Serrato near the parque natural Montes de Málaga, where you will stay for the following 3 nights.

Rest and an easy atmosphere are the characteristics of your stay here. You may make a choice out of 10 walks in the nature reserve. Also a visit to the mountain village of Comares is possible and walk back to the manor.

Finally a splendid walk will bring you to El Palo, Landscape 4, where you will enjoy the last 3 nights of your holiday. El Palo is originally the fishermans quarter of Málaga and lies nearbye the centre of the town. It has an attractive beach and many beach bars and typical (fish) restaurants. Here you can have a relaxed conclusion of your holiday.


4 Landscapes Cork TreesEasy, moderate or challenging: you can make this trek as easy or heavy as you like.

The walks between the different accommodations vary between 5 to 7 hours, but, as there is full baggage transport, you might choose to make walks of 2 to 3 hours by driving partly along with the baggage transport car.

Arrival and departure

A rental car is unneccesary with this trek.

Choose a flight to Málaga which arrives before 5.00 p.m. An express bus departs every half an hour from the airport to the bus station Málaga (estación de autobuses), costs €2. The last bus to Cómpeta leaves the busstation at 6.30 p.m. (on Sundays at 8.00 p.m.), costs €4.10.

From Cómpeta your walks, accommodation, transfers and baggage transport will be taken care of until the end of the trek in El Palo. From El Palo you can take the citybus back to the airport of Málaga.

Daily Programme

4 Landscapes Walking AccomodationDay 1: arrival Cómpeta, oriëntation or first walk, overnight Cómpeta

Day 2: walk of your choice or lazy day, overnight Cómpeta

Day 3: walk of your choice or guided walk with Joost, overnight Cómpeta

Day 4: baggage transport and trekt, overnight Ventas de Zafarraya

Day 5: baggage transport and trek, overnight Alfarnatejo

Day 6: walk of your choice or lazy day, overnight Alfarnatejo

Day 7: walk of your choice or lazy day, overnight Alfarnatejo

4 Andalusian Landscapes More ViewsDay 8: baggage transport and trek, overnight Finca El Serrato

Day 9: walk of your choice or lazy day, overnight Finca El Serrato

Day 10: walk of your choice or lazy day, overnight Finca El Serrato

Day 11: baggage transport and trek, overnight El Palo

Day 12: relaxing, overnight El Palo

Day 13: city vist Málaga or relaxing, overnight El Palo

Day 14: departure to the airport

Price, accommodations and bookings:

The price of €489 per person is valid on the basis of 2 persons sharing a twin/double room.

This price includes:

4 Andalusian Landscapes Montes Malaga

  • extensive walking descriptions and assistence
  • all local transfers
  • full baggage transport from Cómpeta to El Palo
  • 13 overnights:
    — in Cómpeta (twin/double room en suite),
    — in Ventas de Zafarraya ( twin/double room en suite),
    — in Alfarnatejo ( twin/double room with shared bathroom, breakfast included),
    — in Finca El Serrato (twin/double room en suite, breakfast included),
    — in El Palo (twin/double room en suite).

So 6 breakfasts are included and no other meals where you have enough choice. See for more photo’s of the accommodations the websites: Aguila Libre (Alfarnatejo), Finca Serrato (Montes de Málaga). You may book this trek via each of these websites.

For 1 person or groups of more than 4 persons, Contact Us for a quote.

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