Guided Climb to Top of Maroma or Lucero

This is a guided walk to the top of La Maroma, the highest mountain in the province of Malaga (2067 m) or the even more striking mountain el Lucero (1779 m). Price is €17,50 per person which includes transfer and guide (you may participate individually, minimum 6 persons).

Next ascent of la Maroma: 30 November 2018, next ascent of el Lucero: 28 November 2018.

Both daytrips last about 7 hours (incl. transfers from and back to Cómpeta), the walks take about 5 hours.

Climb La MaromaLa Maroma

These are spectacular walks over “the roof of the world”. We drive up by Landrover to an altitude of 1600 metres for the Maroma walk and to an altitude of 1200 metres for the Lucero walk. In both cases we still have to ascend and descend about 500 metres on foot. With the Lucero walk there exists the possibility to walk back to Cómpeta, then the walk will take about 7 hours. Both walks are suitable for every reasonably fit person. If you are unsure please contact us using the form and we can suggest a suitable walk for your level of capability.

Price per person:
€ 17,50 (you may participate individually, 6 persons minimum)

For more information or to book contact us, by email:
or by telephone: 619511104.

Climb El Lucero

Please note that poor weather conditions may mean we have to cancel the walks for safety reasons.

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