Cómpeta 2: Intermediate Walk

Suitable for everybody in good health with reasonable endurance

You will cover from 7 km to 24 km per day. Daily walking ranges from 3 to 8 hours, depending on distance and terrain. Differences in height up to a maximum of 1070 meters climbing and descending will be traversed. However, because the difficulty factor varies from day to day, the whole should not be regarded as difficult. Training beforehand can be useful but is not necessary.

Day 1: Arrival Cómpeta. We bring you to your accommodation. Acclimatiseren in the village. ‘S-afternoon as the orientation inloopwandeling Cómpeta (1 hour) or walk over Cómpeta and Canillas (2 hours) or the driedorpentocht (3 hours), see wandelarrangement 1, day 2 and 3.

Day 2: Circular walk Cómpeta (height 640 m) – Cerro Gavilan with uitkijkhut (altitude 1139 m) – Casa de la Mina (height 860 m) – Cómpeta (4 ½ hours). You walk into the area and climbs through a beautiful trail to the Cerro Gavilan, Cómpeta located closest to the summit where the fire department in the summer the surrounding communities in the holes as regards the risk of forest fires. If you are top you understand why this city is selected. Then daal you through an exciting path down to the hospitable inn Casa de la Mina and then through another path along the Puerto del Collado back to Cómpeta.

Day 3: Walk Rio Torrox (height 430 m) – Cerro Verde (height 780 m) – Acebuchal-Cómpeta (5 hours). We bring you a Landrover into the starting deep in the nature reserve. You walk through a narrow path along 2 beautiful peaks into the old village Acebuchal (about halfway through the walk), which in 50 years is leaving but is now restored. You can pause in the recently opened bar and goes through a different route back to Cómpeta.

Wandering Around Cómpeta

Day 4: Walk Puerto de los Carboneros (height 645 m) – Bentomiz (height 710 m) – Rio de Sayalonga (height 225 m) – Sayalonga (height 440 m) – Cómpeta, possibly last piece per bus (walk 6 ½ hours respectively. 5 hours). We bring you a Landrover to the starting point. Today no walk through the nature reserve but a very special walk. You walk toward shore on a dirt road along the ridge and with magnificent views and climbs to the top of Bentomiz, which is the ruins of a Moorish fortencomplex. From the strategically located Bentomiz you have a fantastic view over the whole coastline and the mountain range to the north. Through another trail daal out to the river and climbs up on the other side to the village Sayalonga. After a break in one of the bars or restaurants you walk in 1 ½ hours to the ridge on the other side of the valley back to Cómpeta.Vind Up Sayalonga the walk enough, you can also here the bus back to Cómpeta. The walk is to Bentomiz in January beginning of February by the abundance of flowering almond trees a great pleasure.

Day 5: Circular walk Canillas de Albaida (height 580 m) – lowest point 490 m-highest point 860 m (4 ½ hours). You walk through a beautiful walkway to Canillas de Albaida. From Canillas daal out to the Rio Cajula and you will come to the Puente Romano, the still existing connecting of the 2000 year old Roman heirbaan. You walk from here with them up the river, sometimes by a very close divide, until you’re well above Canillas arrived and with an overwhelming view begins to another route back to Canillas and then to Cómpeta.

Day 6: Fabrica de Luz (height 708 m) – Puerto de Santiago (altitude 1582 ft) – and back to the Fabrica de Luz via another route (7 hours). We bring you a Landrover to the starting point, deep into the nature and you get there again. With this walk and the next day to get the Granada side of the mountains, really the middle of nature and you learn a lot more of.

Day 7: Fabrica de Luz-Puerto Blanquillo (altitude 1208 m) – El Lucero (altitude 1776 m) – Puerto Blanquillo-Cómpeta (5 respectively. 9 hours). We bring you a Landrover to the starting point. You walk on a nice path gradually along a river up to the Puerto Blanquillo. Since you can choose to continue to the top of El Lucero to determine whether to immediately return to Cómpeta. In the latter case, the walk takes 5 hours. The way back goes through the old muilezelroute to Granada. Even if you remove the top not, we find itself the most beautiful walk of the week. But if you have enough energy, especially ga to the top, really a spectacular walk! The views of the summit are unparalleled.

Day 8: Transfer to bus stop. This concludes the arrangement. Departure by bus from Cómpeta.

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